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Besednice Jezkovna. The best moldavite there is?

There is a small village in The Czech Republic called Besednice. The best moldavite in the world was mined from that location. There in no more left in the ground as it was all excavated in the 1980s.

there are still pieces being sold right now but supply is often sporadic and expensive.

Here are some examples from the Moldavite UK collection.

We also have some very good quality pieces on our website for sale.

Energy wise these pieces are as high as you are gonna get in my experience. Super high frequency so keep your thoughts constantly positive when working with them.

Jezek means "hedgehog" in the Czech language, Besednice is "The home of the hedgehog" and "Jezkovna" is what we call the super textured Besednice Hedgehog moldavite.

Have a great day and don't forget to love your moldavite if you want it to work for you

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