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Grading Moldavite from AAA to B Grade pieces

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

On Moldavite UK we try our best to describe our Moldavite pieces fairly to you.

It is purely subjective and I will try to explain the thinking of my grading process.

AAA Grade pieces are large, in perfect condition and damage free. They will have a primary or a very interesting shape and have particularly good colour and clarity.

These pieces are collectors pieces and are not always available. On other websites or from other sellers AAA Grade may just be a small piece undamaged with average colour, here that would be A grade

AA Grade pieces are in perfect condition and have good shape colour and clarity. These are also great collectors pieces and have good investment potential.

A Grade pieces are undamaged and can be any shape, size or colour. On occasion an A Grade piece may have very slight damage that would not be very visible to the naked eye.

B Grade Moldavite is broken or chipped. These are very popular in the smaller size as they are the least expensive. They are genuine Moldavite and like most beautiful things have flaws and imperfections. If you are looking for the energy of Moldavite without the expensive cost then these may be for you.

I hope this helps with your selection of Moldavite.

This is just our way of grading Moldavite so please do not apply this Information or level of integrity to other sellers or websites


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