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Grounding Stones

I personally like to have grounding stones. They help me stay focused and grounded while I work with my Moldavite.

Smoky quartz is my favourite and I absolutely swear by it, I would strongly recommend using it to keep you grounded while you interact with your Moldavite. If I have small pieces available I will gladly add a piece to your order free of charge if required. If you would like something a little more ornate please look in our "Grounding Stones" collection.

Obsidian is a naturally formed glass that has very good grounding qualities. It is a beautiful addition to any crystal collection.

Black tourmaline is another favourite and is a very reasonably priced grounding stone. A small piece may not look like much but don't let it's size mislead you, it is a very powerful stone.

These are just a few examples of stones that I personally use while working with my Moldavite. I think it is essential for me to have them near me while I am resting and especially when I am meditating.

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