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January Full Moon. The first of 2024

As January ends and we reflect on the first part of this year, we gather our thought and emotions together and start to welcome the arrival of warmer days and shorter nights.

Tonight, some of my favourite Moldavite and other stones will be going outside in to the moonlight for a cleansing and balancing session. I can't put the entire Moldavite UK stock outside and some of the best collection stones are in safe boxes elsewhere.

I will choose a few pieces that I handle regularly and they are the ones I feel will need the feminine aspect of the moon to re balance thier energies.

I dont personally leave them out all night, just a shower rather than a long bath.

I do bless nearly all of the moldavite that comes through my hands with sacred water from The White Well in Glastonbury UK. I will write a blog about my regular visits to collect water, ground myself and cleans/ground/enliven moldavite and other stones.

I don't feel that moonlight through glass is as powerful personally but if that is all that is possible then I think it is better than no moonlight at all. Your moldavite will be safer on an inside window ledge so it can be a good option in some cases.

On a really bright moon, lift up your moldavite and let moonlight hit your eyes with the filter of a green moldavite in front of it. I don't know why but I did it a few times and the moldavite does glow a very interesting colour. What the moonlight does to us with that cosmic filter is for us to ponder.

So stay positive and give thanks for the beautiful stone that we love and all of the connections that it has created in our lives.

Some of my best friends are stone people.

My actual best friend is a stone .


Picture shown is a moldavite from Cheb . It is a from a very rare location and a shows a beautiful colour. It is in the Moldavite UK collection. Sometimes they are available from this location. Enquire if you are intersted.


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