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Moldavite Regions, A Brief Guide.

Updated: Jan 23

Moldavite is usually named after the locality in which it is found.

Chlum is one of the best know Moldavite localities and it is famed for its larger sized moldavite pieces with good texture and a rich green colour. Chlum moldavite usually makes a great pocket stone with larger Chlum moldavite pieces being some of the most desired in the world.

Besednice moldavite is the most desired Moldavite in the world. Home of the 'Besednice Hedgehog' or as the locals call the 'Jezkovna'. With its sandy soil enabling the passing water over millions of years deeply sculpt the Moldavite within it. Besednice moldavite is also known for its powerful transformational qualities when used within healing practices.

Brusna moldavite has a very softly frosted texture, the acidic soil of this particular region causes the outside of the Moldavite to appear 'Frosted' or even 'Snowy'. The energy from a Brusna moldavite is as soft and gentle as its appearance in my opinion.

Radomillice is a moldavite locality in the Czech Republic known for its 'Field Moldavites'.

With a soft texture and often a beautiful bright green colour with a light behind it. This type of Moldavite is perfect as a carrying stone.

Vrabce moldavite is very varied as it is a very large moldavite region. It is one of the moldavite localities that was commercially mined until recently. The Vrabce Moldavite available on is freshly collected and shows great colour and clarity. Like all moldavite it is becoming harder and harder to find each year

Jakule Moldavite is now available on It often shows incredible colour and some moldavites from this locality look almost blue when back lit. It can have a soft to quite crusty texture.

This is just a brief note as there are many more moldavite regions for us to learn about. I will update this blog as more moldavites from other localities are made available

Thanks for reading

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