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New beginnings

It has been a long time coming but I think it is time for me to document some of my moldavite experiences.

My first moldavite came from a crystal shop in Cardiff South Wales. I was a house music dj at the time and often played my records in that city. In the days after the gigs I would go into town to search for new records and new crystals for my collection.

On one occasion I asked the lady in the shop if she had something a little 'different' from the normal stones on offer. She went to a drawer under the desk and showed me a selection of small dark stones she said had just come in from the Czech Republic.

I picked one up and held it to the light coming in from the window, I was transfixed and mesmerised by the glowing green rock in my hands.

I am not sure how much I paid for the stone but i stilll have it in my collection. It has been with me and in my pocket for over 30 years now. I rarely take it on journeys now as i would be sad if lost it. I think it is from Chlum sand mine as that is where the majority of imported moldavite comes from.

Wedding, parties, births and nature walks, job interviews and heartbreaking split ups, this little stone has been with me for all of it.

When I first carried it, I noticed that I had a little more confidence than i normally had. I felt like I had improved intuition and I noticed that I started to 'drift away' from certain people in my life that I had previously been good friends with. It was not the energy that attracted me anymore.

I did try to tell other people about this incredible little stone but no one was interested, most people just ridiculed me so i just kept quiet about it and only shared what I thought if someone genuinely showed an interest. That was very rarely the case back then. Little did I know that moldavite was to become such a powerful force in so many peoples lives. The stone of transformation it truly is.

Well that is what it is to me, from my perspective there is no other stone that has the power to completly change ones vibration for the better.

Moldavite will try to remove anything from your life that hinders your spiritual growth, whether you are still attached to those things or not. Proceed with caution if you are not ready to embrace a new and more conscious way of being.

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