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The Metaphysical Aspect of Moldavite

Updated: Jan 23

A Brief introduction to the spiritual side of moldavite

Heart shaped moldavite are very popular
Heart Shaped Moldavite

For some people Moldavite is far more than a stone, moldavite has been the source of mystery and charm for thousands of years.

To some, moldavite is a beautiful gem to wear, to others moldavite is the gateway to increased intuition and spiritual enlightenment. However one views moldavite, it has to be agreed that it is the most beautiful of all the tektites that have been found on planet earth.

I suppose with moldavite being a non earthly material that was created as an affect of a giant meteor hitting the earth and resting dormant in the ground for 15 million years is going to spark some interest when it is discovered!

People often speak of coincidences and synchronicity when moldavite is around, repeatedly seeing the same numbers is a phenomenon many tell of when they carry or wear moldavite.

Well this was just a brief introduction, please feel free to message with your stories and noticeable changes that happened when you found, were gifted or bought Moldavite.

There is a very friendly group called Moldavite UK on Facebook. Please look it up if you love or like moldavite and come and say hi. You will find nearly 2000 moldavite lovers who are happy to share pictures and just generally chat about moldavite.

There are always people asking "Is this moldavite real" on the group, as a customer of you will not have to worry about that as all of our moldavite is guaranteed genuine.

All of our moldavite is sourced in the Czech Republic. All of our moldavite is 100% Guaranteed genuine

Sometimes you will find spelling mistakes and bad grammar on this website, please forgive me for that. I can honestly say that moldavite does not increase ones ability to spell words correctly!

Moldavite has been known to put a spell on the collector who is always looking for that extra beautiful piece.

All of us at love moldavite. We hope you love moldavite too

Shaun (moldaviteuk)

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